What is the organizational development?
Organizational Development is a process that increases Organizational Effectiveness. The use of interventions (or techniques —based on social and behavioral science)
Who is the organizational development practitioner?
An organizational development practitioner is someone who helps create organizational change. Whether an in-house professional or consultant, they create organization-wide or department-wide strategies to implement change.
Why organizational development?
Organizational Development becoming necessary for organizational effectiveness and growth, it’s imperative to leverage human resources to manage change effectively.
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Welcome to OD Practitioners

We’re on a mission to be the most relevant Organization Development entity in Egypt. We help individuals to improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking and organizational culture. OD Practitioners (ODP) has executive education programs that are consistently ranked among the best between Human Resources world. Everything we do is depended on scientific background by some of the best professional & academic trainers in the HR field.

The OD Practitioners (ODP) is a comprehensive and authoritative learning entity supporting the broad OD Practitioners specially and Human Resources Professionals Community Generally across foundational education, career expertise, and professional development.

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Industry-recognized certifications, Practical workshops, and an immersive Human Capital Academy to help you build critical, strategic capabilities in OD More

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Small or large group training, and advisory services designed to build and support high-performing OD & HR teams More

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Facing a lack of qualified talent and increased competition from both local and remote employers More


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Program Overview Global markets are becoming more complex, challenging and competitive due...
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